Daub | The daub project
The Creative Workbook. Daub is a not for profit idea. Simply a space to share creativity with children. Most of all it is to help those who do a great job and to say thank you.
Daub, creative, workbook, illustrators, designer, Kings College, Variety Children's Hospital
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About the project

Daub is a simple idea. It was borne out of a stay my son had at King’s College Hospital and whilst he was there I started thinking how the creative industry could help children admitted to the wards.


The outcome is daub, a collection of line drawings by leading international creatives compiled into a Creative Workbook. Children can add to, colour in or make their own. These can then be submitted to this site and showcased.


I would like to thank the staff of King’s College Hospital, Tim Smart CEO who kindly agreed to the proposal together with Jackie Spier and Linda Falzarano for making this possible.